2020 Week 47


22/11/20: We walked into the Town Park yesterday, Saturday, and did our usual circuit. Today we went a different route in the park and managed 6 miles. Although it was wonderful to be out, crisp early winter sunshine with a nip in the air, the walk was spoilt by the sheer amount of people out and about. A number of runners and cyclists really need to learn what social distancing is. Good manners cost nothing, but many of them seem to leave theirs at home. Crass behaviour by some spoil it for the many.
Here is a shot of Madeley Court House, derelict when we first came to Telford, but now restored into a hotel.

2020 Week 46


19/11/2020: Did a 3.5 mile walk today, followed the road to Nedge Hill Picnic Site. Not been along this road for over 40 years. The
trees were wonderful, but sadly the amount of rubbish and discarded face masks was absolutely disgusting. Not a place
we will be returning to, the people who discard this rubbish should be ashamed of themselves. Why do I think they
won't be.

2020 Week 45


Sun 8th November
Lockdown 2 now in full swing, so we did our 5 mile walk around Telford Town Park. This is a walk we do quite often now as we can no longer get to the mountains. Weather calm today with some mist still around ~ the colours are still glowing. The walk on a Sunday is spoilt only by a number of runners who do not seem to understand what social distancing means. Selfish.

Mon 9th November
Did our walk around the Town Park again this afternoon. Although the weather was very overcast, there were no ill mannered runners, made such a difference to the quality of the walk.

2020 Week 44


Tues 3rd November.
Met up with Audrey and Russell at High Vinnalls car park and went for a walk around Mortimer Forest on Shropshire/Herefordshire border. Left the cameras behind as they can really get in the way of conversation. We had a wonderful walk around the forest and there was still plenty of Autumn Colour about.

Weds 4th November.
Last day of freedom before "Lock Down 2". We drove to The Stiperstones and did our circular walk taking in Black Rhadley Hill, where we usually stop for lunch. Weather was good to start with (blue sky day had been forcast), but we had a rain shower around lunchtime. Took this image looking towards Linley, love the atmosphere the rain produces. On the way back we heard a hunting horn and barking dogs. As we came out of the trees, we could see a number of riders in the distance on the Linley Hill ridge. Obviously the Hunt was out, glad we did not go that way.

Fri 5th November.
Went out on our bikes for the first time in several weeks and cycled down to Coalport ~ round trip of 10.5 miles.

What a Picture!


Saw this sign in our local park, such a shame that things like this need to be put up.