2021 Week 04

28/01/21: Went for a walk today and we managed 4 miles, the longest we have walked for over a month. Very tired when we got back, but very happy, Just do a little bit every day. It was a wonderful spring like day, magnificent bird songs all around. Just magical to be out.

24/01/21: Photographers Paradise! Heavy snow has fallen today (Sunday) and outside is a winter wonderland.
Photographers Nightmare! Sue and I have now completed self isolation, but the effects of Covid-19 linger on. Neither of us has any energy at the moment, so getting ot to do some photography is out of the question. Hopefully, restrictions will start to be eased in the not too distant future and we will be able to get to South Shropshire again. Can't wait to have a picnic again on Black Rhadley Hill.