New Start

I thought, as we start to emerge from lock down, I would re-start my blog and hopefully try to keep it up to date.

I wonder what the likes of Sir David Attenborough are really like and what they see. People like him are only preaching to the converted, a small percentage of the population. I call this the "Cotswold Syndrome". Tucked up in their quaint villages, they don't have to travel to work or shopping along roads where the verges are drowning in litter. It is not only Governments who need to reduce carbon emissions, we must all take responsibility for our actions ~ recycle, don't litter.

We went into Snowdonia twice last year and were appalled at what we saw. Cars parked anywhere, gates left open and worst of all, litter everywhere. It is an absolute disgrace and these lazy idiots should be banned from anywhere where they leave rubbish. They are contributing to the demise not only of wildlife, but also the planet. What a shame they do not understand the simple realities of life. What hope is there for the future of our children and grand children.